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Before requesting the intervention read carefully

CLINICAL HYPNOSIS allows to solve in its initial phase all kinds of psychic pathologies, these arise from personal problems to the point of emotional extreme, conditioning the psychological aspect of the individual, the so-called traumas come with time and due to the inability to solve on their own or conventional means, they manifest themselves in phobias and irrational behaviors affecting the organism by somatization, they have an origin and it is not of this world, therefore it is a duty to identify in related details who is the cause of said pathologies, from such scope it is easier to break contracts or pacts, eliminate esoteric connection, extract implants compatible with human DNA, destroy the being or entity that placed them in addition to the connection with their Light Human.


one.  More should not be considered to cure already diagnosed diseases, defined pathologies such as cancer, AIDS, autism, down and many more that affect health to a critical and terminal point, it is good to know that with some exceptions the user experiences a disconnection from the entity clear improvement your recovery may be total  


2. MENTAL problems, ALCOHOLISM, DRUG ADDICTION, require a minimum of 4 direct sessions if it is with the assistant, the recovery is directly proportional to the will of the affected person.  


3. The user of the therapy must recognize in their most important details their conditions and problems, and they must also feel like they want to solve them.


4. The user of the therapy must know about the procedure and its parameters to decide to take it.


5. The user of the therapy must know that the approach is at the deepest spiritual level, therefore, it requires their responsibility in what follows.  


6. The user of the therapy must know about the personal work according to the support of being light permanently in what is its physical aspect, it is based on a better quality of life and the correct spiritual guideline.  


7. The user of the therapy must be present just at the moment of the intervention, except in cases where he cannot attend due to force majeure, the measurable results would be subject to the observation of third parties.


8. The therapy is totally individual, that is, for a single person, the intervention of more humans within the outcome would be merely circumstantial, the deceased relatives are mandatory, in the case of children under 10 years of age they can be reviewed in the same session, if they are older, the interventions are individual.


10. The patient must have seen at least 40 videos of Doctor William Criado, it is a vital requirement in order to be clear about the fundamentals of connection with being light.



The intervention via  Regressive Clinical Hypnosis is personalized, the approach to third parties is simply  circumstantial.

For costs and agenda  the  unique  means of contact is via  WHATSAPP  +57 312 899 2691.

The intervention is scheduled after having withdrawn the shipment.
No refunds .

The appropriate thing is to carry out induction to the patient if he enters hypnosis the outcome occurs directly, in case of not being sensitive the resource of the assistant is used.

The day assigned for your intervention  You will have an interview with doctor William Criado before starting.  

intervention _  will be done via  Skype - willalfcn is the link.


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