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regressive clinical hypnosis

It is the induction to a totally controlled and deep sleep, it arises after feeling the body loose, very relaxed and heavy, a capacity typical of human sensitivity and one of the three most important characteristics that our brain has, capturing specific in- tensions through the subconscious, under such a state the person leaves the 3D reality to enter another where there are no limits, without losing consciousness by the direction of the one who induces one enters a field without time and without rigid or solid matter, Basically it is the access to the fourth dimension in a conscious way and by directed unfolding, this experience means being under deep TRANCE, it is the first phase of a higher state of human consciousness where leaving the body by induction is an effective alternative to show without being able to question one of the many other realities of being, only so far is that it is being directed in its real application.

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Unfolding has become a valuable resource when the purpose is to resolve purely negative experiences, they are of all kinds, ranging from the simplest to the most extreme, they occur at all times whose intensities are the result of subtle programming , come from previous lives, those that are necessary to ensure the respective and unpleasant guidelines, are the ones that categorically define destiny and in that sense the continuity of ONE DISGRACE AFTER ANOTHER, they are nothing but events that are repeated over and over again in the time, even if they are for different reasons, the sensation is the same, they exist to be assimilated as positive knowledge, their recurrence must be avoided, to such an extent it favors personal growth and spiritual evolution, it is in those who consider it so, it has nothing to do with with being able to revive human misfortunes under hypnosis with the ability to consciously exit to a slightly higher dimension in induced trance we can Accessing the moment of leaving the body is an indescribable and incomparable pleasure, because of the higher state of consciousness is that freedom is felt, although today we know that those who control the 4th dimension are the cause of all evil in this hologram world.

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The conscious state keeps the human being apparently awake, daily expectations define experiences of all kinds, whether pleasant or not, they are recorded in detail down to the smallest subtle aspects, turning these into engrams, recording  inconvenience given that the beginning of all psychic and physiological pathology follows from there, without realizing it every person ventures into even the simplest of these aspects, its real importance lies in the ability to endure incarnation after incarnation over time, particularity of DNA 98% non-human gene is thus guaranteed by those who know our body perfectly, the recurrence of a compendium of problems and difficulties that are not easy to detect in their real origin. The advantage is enormous for these beings who are not of this world, they move at will within a dimension that we cannot perceive, much less assist, we cannot see them either, generally their purposes are achieved without much effort, even in the current affairs has always been like this, they have used the way in which the brain was configured in its three states; the subconscious, the conscious and even the unconscious are very useful to them, they know that even when the person is in total loss of consciousness for any reason, the brain continues to record what is happening around them.       

William Raised

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Objectives and Guidelines

Effective method for the extraction of implants, electronic devices compatible with human biology due to their artificial intelligence.


Effective method in the reptilian disconnection entity that places said devices only to sustain the human in its negative aspects


An effective method to identify the cause of human pain, it allows all mental pathology to be resolved from the origin.


An effective method to define the correct spiritual path happens when knowing the real light identity of the human being.


Effective method to evaluate said path in evolution that implies the permanent connection of the light being.


Effective method in the biomolecular restructuring of tissues and organs damaged by chromosomal disorders, including traditional diseases.


Efficient method in the activation of the light gene at the cellular level and expansion of the brain from the transfer of nucleotides.


An effective method in the development of our potential, it is possible to observe the origin of the real faculties of being light in the physical aspect.


Effective method to know from the genetic duality the origin of the human being, also that of our planetary system.


Effective method to resolve from ancestral lives all the pacts and commitments made according to the interests of the 3rd dimension.


Effective method to resolve abductions and parent positions of reptilian and demonic entities as well as resolve all esoteric work.


Effective method to evaluate the expansion of the brain and confirm the process of transfer of nucleotides to said organ.


Effective method in changing detrimental events caused by reptilian subjugation.


Effective method to solve sleep paralysis, abductions and extreme possessions.


Race eliminated a thousand years before the earth hologram was formed.

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